My research interests in motor cognition center around a perceptual-cognitive view on states of action and learning, that is learning by way of execution, imagery and observation.

Currently, I am working in four main areas:

Learning and coaching in augmented and virtual reality

(incl. Postdoc project as part of ICSPACE/ 1.625.000 €; 2014-2019)

Anticipation, gaze behavior and states of action

(incl. BNF project, 12.000 €; 2016-2017)

Action representation, states of action and learning

(incl. PhD project, 55.000 €; 2010-2014)

Action representation, performance, and learning in teams

(student projects so far)

For details, see publications.

For an overview of projects, methods, sports, settings etc., see categories on my blog on the first page.