Postdoctoral studies, from cognition to perception

Taking a perceptual-cognitive perspective on motor action, I started investigating perceptual variables related to the cognitive ones we’ve been interested in so far.

To date, we’ve focused on the quiet eye during motor action and motor learning, comparing learning by execution and learning by imagery or observation (for perceptual-cognitive hypothesis of mental practice, see here; for perceptual-cognitive hypothesis of the quiet eye, see here).

In my mind’s quiet eye – IMQUEYE – is a¬†project designed to investigate the quiet eye across stages of action and skill levels. From crossing boundaries between the two research areas on the quiet eye and simulation theory, we hope to gain insights into perceptual-cognitive aspects of motor actions across states of action and different types of learning, and as such to significantly contribute to the current debate in motor cognition research on the similarities and differences of executing, imagining, and observing a motor action.

Apart from this work, I am working together with Alessio d’Aquino whose interest is in eye movements during imagery and execution in interceptive tasks (see here).

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