From secondary to primary school and early childhood

I am heading more towards teaching and research in educational settings, towards kids and their needs.

Having started research in physical education (PE), I get more and more into questions relating to development, learning and training from early childhood to primary and secondary school. Although I was able to answer quite a bunch of questions with my research to date, do our findings transfer to kids? How about early ages and early stages of motor action, motor learning and development? Many exciting ideas, and I hope to get the opportunity to realize at least some of them.

Apart from research, I will start teaching ‘Training in physical education’ in autumn, focusing on hands on questions like: How can we ensure that kids profit from their PE classes, not only in terms of skill development but as well in terms of their health? How can teachers shape PE classes such that training is one major component? How can we support our kids in promoting their endurance, strength, coordination, flexibility, and speed? Can we find systematic and yet playful ways to do so?

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