Postdoctoral studies, from real world to virtual reality

Virtual Reality is a great method for psychological research. Working at the Center of Excellence Cognitive Interaction Technology (CITEC), I took the chance and started working on a VR-related project called the Intelligent Coaching Space, see here. Since then, we – a group of researchers from computer science, linguistics, psychology and sport science – worked together on several studies in a Cave Automated Virtual Environment in the Virtual Reality Lab at CITEC.
For an overview of publications, see here.

Selected contributions:

2015 FEPSAC Conference in Bern:
Perceptual-cognitive monitoring in real world and virtual reality

2016 RIO meeting in Manchester:
Imagery and observation research in virtual reality environments

2017 ISSP Conference in Seville
(international symposium on Technology by Frank):
Intelligent Coaching Space: Motor learning and coaching in virtual reality

2018 asp Conference in Cologne
(national symposium on Virtual Reality by Frank):
Virtuelles Training: Zum Effekt nonverbaler und verbaler Feedbackstrategien beim Erlernen der Kniebeuge in Virtueller Realität.

Just recently, Prof. Cathy Craig from Queen’s University Belfast visited us during the Research in Imagery and Observation (RIO) group meeting in Bielefeld, and gave an invited talk on immersive, interactive virtual reality in and for sports, see here.

To be continued.


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